• Erasmus+

          Our Primary School is involved in new European Union Programme called Erasmus+. The aim of the Programme is teaching, training assigmnents and learning language at schools abroad.

          For Primary School children, language learning is a significant step towards becoming successfull communicators.

          Our students are engaged in Project called  „PLAYING WITH NEW WORDS


          Objects of Project

          • Promoting language acquisition and raising the participation of early  - age students in language learning.

          • Improving language learning and students skills development (the age group category 6-11).

          • The main object above al lis to cultivate respect to other countries, intercultural friendship and mutual acceptance and tolerance.


          Main activities

          • Teaching with help of games – existing practices in the partner countries in the partner countries.

          • Teaching English via online, interactive games and via various indoor and outdoor creative games.


          Our partner countries are from

          United Kingdom - homepage

          Spain - homepage



          "My City (Town) Project"

          Content: New vocabulary: My City (Town) Project - the objective is to describe our town and neighbourhood making a video in English language, showing interesting places .

          Activity: Students look at information about the interesting places of their local area, learn the vocabulary and make a note about it. They record the video aroun the city (town). After that, in class they share the video with partners ot the different countries (UK, Spain, Turkey, Romania)

          Here we share our video....



          At the same time our school supports online collaboration with students and teachers from partner countries by using information area Communication Technologies  (ICT).